about tru design media

Small but Tru

Yah, we're small, but our work screams big!

Imagine working with a firm that scales its staff to your specific needs rather than paying inflated costs to staff someone else's business. Well, we don't feel you should have to pay for services you are not using.
That's why we start with the basics first. Let's get your ideas and vision out on the table, figure out what directions we can go, and discuss the size and scope of the project. Once we have determined the needs of your specific project we look at our arsenal of highly-skilled and reliable contacts and choose who will best fit your project.
Sound good?
Throughout your entire project we will bring in each specialist needed, when they are needed. Once an area of the project has been completed and we no longer need their super-human abilities we send them on their way to help others.

About us, the base

It all started when Zach Diebert (founder and design guru) was in Grade 3 (25 years ago) and job-shadowed at a Graphic Design Firm in Spokane, WA. Since then designing, graphic design work and computers have been his life, inspiration, and passion.
9 years later he started a small business of his own under the name Tru Design—as you see this is the name that we use to this day.