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Below you will find links to download the Konductor and Adobe Air applications along with some useful videos to help you get started using your new Konductor based site.

The Konductor Application gives you the ability to edit and publish your site from your computer or any other computer you choose. If you are installing Konductor on a secondary computer you will want to make sure you have all of your site login information that was sent to your e-mail after your site was created. If you do not have this information please contact us to request that it be sent to you again.

If you do not have Adobe Air or you are not sure if you have it installed use the second link below, this will install Adobe Air and Konductor at the same time.

Konductor Download Konductor & Adobe Air App Download Adobe Air App Download
Konductor App Download: Konductor/Air App Download:
Adobe Air App Download:

Here are some videos that will help you start using your Konductor site today.